Digital Marketing Proposal





Produce stunning visuals that unify the brand and elevate all marketing efforts

Showcase the most flattering angles of listings & lifestyles to attract a motivated community

Expand awareness of Team Kim listings & successes

Grow network of elite clientele


Customize still & animated graphics for use on social media posts, digital advertisements, and print brochures

Leverage new age techniques in photo & video production that produce viral results

Develop strategic ad campaigns which utilize sophisticated content strategies

Integrate all aspects of digital marketing

Graphic Design

Custom graphic templates for profile & story posts

*Animated video templates for story posts & ads

Custom print brochure template for open houses

Branding guidelines, fonts & colors

Social media Ads

Paid advertising campaigns with advanced targeting

Campaign split testing to optimize budget & results

Lead generation for current listings & new client acquisition

*Custom webpage per listing w/ user tracking & re-targeting

Photo & videography

Viral formats such as Instagram Reels and TikTok

Events, listings, lifestyles & collaborations

High end advertising creative

3D modeling & floor plans




Marketing Packages

Our services listed à la carte. Select what you need for a completely customized solution

Graphic Design Nº1

Basic Static & Animated Graphics for Social Media & Print • $2000 + $200/listing

Graphic Design Templates (* Notes Animation Included)

  • Sold, New Listing, Under Contract (Profile Post)

  • Sold, New Listing, Under Contract (Story Post)*

  • Market Update (Profile & Story Post)*

  • Custom Print Brochure

  • Facebook/Instagram Story Ad

Branding Design Guidelines - Fonts, Colors, Styles

Graphic Design Nº2

Static & Fully Animated Graphics for Social Media & Print • $4000 + $300/listing

Graphic Design Templates (Static & Animated)

  • Sold, New Listing, Under Contract (Profile Post)

  • Sold, New Listing, Under Contract (Story Post)

  • Market Update (Profile & Story Post)

2 Facebook/Instagram Story Video Ad Animations

Custom Print Brochure

Branding Design Guidelines - Fonts, Colors, Styles

The base rate for the graphic design packages is a one-time payment and covers the custom creation of all the mentioned static and animated graphics. The cost per listing allows every graphic to be updated with specific photos & info from that listing.

Photo & Videography

Billed monthly based on usage

Listing Photoshoot • $200 + $0.10/SF HDR Interior & Exterior, Aerial Photographs.

Lifestyle / Event Photoshoot • $300/hr Headshots, lifestyle photography (cafe, NYC scenes), event coverage.

3D Matterport Tour + Floor Plan • $300 + $0.05/SFScan entire property with 3D camera & produce schematic floor plans.

15-30s TikTok / Reel Video • $300 Video shot in a viral format for use on social media & digital advertisements. Listings, events, market updates.

60-120s Walkthrough Video • $400 Showcase an entire property with dynamic video and descriptive animated titles.

120-180s Guided Tour Video • $750 Star in your own HGTV-style tour & guide viewers through a listing.

Digital Advertisements & Social Management

$3000/mo Service Fee + Advertising Budget (Paid directly to Facebook)

Brand Awareness CampaignExpand awareness of The Kim Team. Attract potential sellers. Grow audience for re-targeting & lookalike advertisements.*

Lead Generation Campaign • BuyersPromote every listing with targeted advertisements aimed to generate lead lists & showing requests

Lead Generation Retargeting Campaign • SellersRetarget audience from Brand Awareness campaign to generate lead lists of people looking to sell or rent.

Social Media ManagementDevelop a monthly social profile strategy for Facebook, Instagram & TikTok. 16 Posts per Month (FB/IG)

Each campaign includes 2 split tested audiences. Split testing optimizes budget spend & informs future targeting strategies.

Each campaign / split test includes 3 versions of creative. We simultaneously test photos, videos, and graphics to yield the best results.

*Our database of potential customers grows every time someone sees our ads. Once a sizable audience is accumulated, we have the opportunity to create a lookalike audience; those who resemble the top 1% of people who interacted with our ads. Higher quality audience = higher conversion rate.